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Increase Your Profits!


 No more splitting revenue with a salon owner, many tenants report a 50% increase in their earnings!  

 Do you dream of having your own salon or spa? 

Are you afraid of what it could cost to own your own salon or spa?

 Are you tired of earning low commissions on your hard work? 

Do you want to sell your own products or gift cards and keep all the profits? 

Do you want to be your own boss and set your own hours?   

If you said yes to any of the following then Studio 4 |Salon Suite is just the place for you.  

Be a Boss Babe!


What are you waiting for? Let's get you running your own business now!

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If you would like more information on how to start your own business in a salon suite contact Natosha for details

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What is a salon suite?

A Salon Suite is a private booth rental. This means you will have your own enclosed private salon area, you don’t have to worry about paying commissions to anyone else. What you make is yours to keep. You will have a flat monthly rental amount to pay that includes electric, water, phone and online booking costs. With a Salon Suite you get to make your prices, carry the products you want and work the hours that you feel are necessary for your business to succeed.   

Why rent a salon suite?

The salon suite concept is revolutionizing the way the beauty industry operates by allowing you to control our own destiny. Most of us fantasize about bringing home more money, or being your own boss. When you rent a suite from Studio 4 the two go hand-in-hand: by being your own boss you earn more money! Most beauty professionals are familiar with the “chair rental” concept. A Salon Suite is pretty much the same idea the main difference is that you have a much larger, private space to call your own. This allows you to escape the salon politics and work for yourself but not by yourself so you are never alone.  

Am I allowed to decorate?

 We encourage all of our salon suite owners to decorate the rooms to their liking. We allow painting and decorating as long as the suite is returned to the original condition when you move out.   

Can I share my Salon Suite?

This is a very common question, we allow you to sublet/share your suite with other salon professionals as long as we have their license information in our office per state board regulations. We know sometimes you need to build your clientele up before being 100% on your own so we encourage you to share with someone you know until you are ready to be completely on your own.   

What will it cost to start?

We only require the security deposit and first months rent is due when you open. A copy of your state issued license, general liability and professional liability coverage must be submitted with security deposit. Discounts on insurance coverage are available to get your business of to a great start.   

How is each suite equipped?

Typical feature are a private, lockable suite, free directory listing on web, Cabinetry, Mirror, Styling Chair & Shampoo bowl. Common areas are also provided with waiting area for guests and Staff only break room with a laundry facility for your convenience.  Free wifi is accessible for suit owners and their guests.  

Rental Application

To rent a salon suite fill out suite application now and return to Natosha. (810) 412-6789

Files coming soon.